"Yes, Serge, I'm the relief man that base sent while Patrolman Eddington's off at court ... I thought the courts had stopped that silly trick, taking men off patrol as witnesses instead of accepting their reports as true, and then the culprit pleads guilty and he wasn't needed after all ... I got fed up of defence lawyers interrogating me like a criminal ... yes, I'm a "special model", Nature got things a bit wrong ... in bushes in the grounds of a Hindu temple, what did my parents expect might happen!? ... I won all the breast-stroke swimming races at school ... yes, the sub brought me, I've got orders from the sub's skipper to pass to you for you to help us to help find and sink that "floating gin palace" La Parisienne that's been living off everybody's nets and keep-boxes and now it's around here ... said that laparos is Greek for "abdomen", it fits, that `big belly' loose around here ... I'm ready ... if they try anything, they'll soon find what my ultrasound gun is for, and my APS."