speedboat Sea Patrol: actions against uncontrolled sport scuba divers Sea Patrol badge A possible near future or "alternate time line". All diving and boat use has been put under a tight naval / industrial control. Enforcing this is one of the duties of the inshore branches of the Sea Patrol. If you don't want this sort of thing to become reality, watch out for authoritarianism and officialdom creeping up on your favourite hobby. The Sea Patrol also performs general-purpose coastguard-type work and rescuing.

An account of Sea Patrol actions, with links to all these images.

Display of Sea Patrol small kit.
14 Nov 2004: Display of larger Sea Patrol personal kit.

Onshore operations
Showing 3 sorts of Sea Patrol kit.: "#34 go after them that's doin' a runner while we destroy this lot in case they double back for it while we're chasin' 'em."
An early anti-sportdiver operation before we were officially formed.
Sea Patrol man checking his issue backpack oxyhydrogen blowtorch's gas pressures ready for on-site destruction of seized unauthorized sport divers' gear and boat-trailers in an industrial building that proved to be a hide-out.
Oi you, drop that camera and 'oppit!: found in a camera seized from a bystander who tried to interfere. From a different action.
A Sea Patrol blowtorch quickly on-site melts out the mechanism of yet another unauthorized sport scuba diver's breathing set. This stops any plans for some of the divers to draw the patrolmen away while others recover the equipment.
Another view as the hot oxyhydrogen flame sears through the confiscated aqualung's regulator. No point in the Sea Patrol keeping it for official use, as they already have so much of it and this sport-type equipment is of so many incompatible types. The fanciful decoration on the cylinders does not distract him.
To the destructor: yet another two chanced it and were caught.
Near the end of a long job: sport divers tried a big "dive-in" demonstration trying to restore the old free-for-all conditions, but it was not too much for the Sea Patrol to handle. All seized kit including boats can be destroyed on site.
New weapon tested: the quick way with unauthorized divers: nobody looking, so a Sea Patrol man's new issue raygun makes sure that the boast on the scoobydoo's inflatable is not true any more.
Sea Patrol issue backpack oxyacetylene torch in action.
Follow-up: a flamethrower squad cleans up the junk while a man flies up to reconnoitre.
Someone is about to find the hard way that we can fly.: from boat to shore to land behind them to stop them escaping inland with their gear.
The squad attack.: another fortnight's camping getting in the way in the sea and taking stuff ends on its first night.
Electric shock baton in action "'Oppit. This stuff of yours goes straight in our base destructor. You shouldn't 'ave been diving 'ere in the first place. It ain't free-for-all any more. This is a work 'arbour, not for all sorts to skylark about. And that's why our issue of these things 'ave long sharp 'lectrodes to get through you clever lot's fancy insulating diving suits.". The electrodes went straight through a drysuit and a Thinsulate and down went yet another clever civilian in the middle of waving bits of legalism about. The patrolman also has a standard issue propane flamethrower.
A teargas grenade stops some shellfish poachers from escaping in a boat while the squad loads up the seized diving gear.
28 Mar 2003: Originally designed as a light skintight spacesuit, this new protective gear has proved useful when unauthorized divers strongly resist arrest and there is a risk of being pushed into deep water. It is fireproof and resistant to chemicals.
13 May 2003: A Sea Patrol squad goes through a warehouse area to the waterfront at their usual hard-marching hobnail-booted jogtrot in step to chase up a report of unusual activity by some people who had landed from an unlisted pleasure-type craft.
1 June 2003: The result of resisting arrest with weapons.
15 Aug 2003: After the night dive. A Sea Patrol squad's helmet lights show what their radar and sonars had already seen.
21 Sep 2003: Cleanout where sport diving tried to carry on in a remote rural corner inland. This lot went into our fragmenter and ended up as power station fuel.
14 Jan 2004: Test of camouflage uniform when a bunch found us at their favorite diving beach.
26 Feb 2004: We clean out a sport diving center in a village. The transportable incinerator needs help from its propane tank to destroy a load composed largely of damp wetsuits and stab-jackets.
16 May 2004: And here. The last day of sport diving at yet another "scuba centre".
22 Jul 2005: Same place. The big takeover catches them ready for an early morning dive.
22 Jul 2005: Same place. And again, while a Sea Patrol man patrols with a backpack jetpack.
16 May 2004: And in the tropics.
28 Aug 2004: A front-loader quickly cleaned up their gear which was strewn everywhere.
16 Sep 2005: and again.
28 Aug 2004: After we emptied all cylinders, their gear was shoveled into piles and burnt..
10 Aug 2006:: The Sea Patrol cleans out BSAC headquarters at Ellesmere Port (Cheshire, UK)
10 Aug 2006:: and efficiently destroys the central command of the sport diving organizations in Britain.
27 Aug 2011:: After the arresting, a large suction-excavator quickly disposed of the strewn diving gear.

In a Sea Patrol base
Three more newly arrested unauthorized divers..
In the cell you go.
And you also won't see your kit again..
23 Feb 2003:But many sport divers realize in time that their hobby has been stopped.
23 Feb 2003:Next step is the shoveling out and sorting..
1 Apr 2003:Shoveling in as a man in the new Sea Patrol protective suit is passing.
3 Jul 2003:A truth drug soon extracts anything that a suspect knows.
11 Jul 2003:And the same again..
12 Dec 2003: An intruder in an experimental power armour prowls about the base's quay, but a night guard routinely disposes of him.
16 Jan 2004: Seized and surrendered sport diving gear which had accumulated during our big cleanup is finally bulk power-shoveled ...
28 Apr 2004: ... into our new cylinders-and-boats-and-all destructor,
28 Apr 2004: and again.
23 Dec 2004: In goes a pressure suit of undetermined origin that someone converted into a diving suit.
24 Dec 2004: Secure transport for a small load.
24 Dec 2004: "OK, the ride's over.".
24 Dec 2004: A dumper-load of sport diving gear seized from shellfish poachers is brought past a guard who is testing a new type of raygun.
24 Dec 2004: And the shellfish poachers got the usual.
9 Jan 2005: Grinding up an accumulation of a make of sport diver-tugs. Much of this load was a warehouse seizure clearout.
22 Mar 2006: My sergeant comes in as I finish incinerating a batch of seizures which was an undercover sport diving club's basement cache.
22 Mar 2006: He states his next order: rescue and arrest some careless civilian boat-sailors.

On board Sea Patrol patrol boats
The skipper goes up to the bridge.
The boat's new crewman in patrol frogman kit. Siebe Gorman CDBA rebreather, ultrasound gun, APS underwater rifle, limpet mine; see here.
Combined action with Sea Patrol submarines when cleaning up a big demonstratory "dive-in" which tried to restore old conditions.
Two men go down to the lower deck, and another view.
The Sea Patrol issue electromagnetic-powered nailgun disposes silently and efficiently of some shellfish poachers whether they were in difficulties at sea or not.
A prisoner transfer at sea. Their diving gear has already vanished into the sub's onboard destructor.
22 Jul 2005: In an early arrest, seized sport diving gear summarily routinely vanishes down a destroy hatch.

Other Sea Patrol sea surface operations
Incident when boarding a boat at sea. (Notes at bottom of image file)
15 Feb 2003: Small fast craft have their uses. Another group who had ignored the 3 months amnesty to surrender all unauthorized diving gear, had a surprise when their next "diving season" started.
18 Feb 2003: And so did six in an inflatable off the south Devon coast who thought that the rules didn't apply to them. The Sea Patrol and their patrol sub make good use of what had been a main sport diving center.
4 Mar 2003: Another fraudulent attempt to get a diving permit is detected.
13 Mar 2003: Another lot is spotted by a Sea Patrol helicopter. This lot of weekend bubble-blowers won't rule any waves from now on.
13 Mar 2003: A view that has shown many sport divers that their most recent dive will be their last.
12 Dec 2003: New flying man-catchercraft called the Autograb clean up a sport-diving expedition. Divers and surface-support men are soon stowed in their holds. Some make trouble in there, but the autograbs' holds are bulletproof, and endwise spinning soon quietens its contents.
12 Dec 2003: Unloading afterwards.
26 Sep 2004: Non-diving job in the tropics. Two teenagers stole a boat at the wrong time and have to be rescued from the eye of a hurricane.
16 Sep 2005: The Sea Patrol goes in by sea and air to arrest an unauthorized group who said they were a marine biology expedition.

Sea Patrol underwater operations
A standard hard arrest of two unauthorized sport divers.
Checking round in a harbour after cleaning up a large invasion by unauthorized sport divers.
Just checking up: "Uhh, it's that two from the ferry firm mending their moorings. Leave them."
Sea Patrol `chariot' (underwater frogman-rider): An old design revived with improvements.
Boarding and search: "Next time don't run that stuff in our area. Then you're coming for a little swim with us out o' sight o' your fancy bunch on the surface."
Sea Patrol `chariot' in action against large liveaboard: The pilot successfully plants a limpet mine despite heavy marine growth on the unauthorized craft's nonmagnetic fibreglass hull, while his mate's ultrasound gun makes sure that a sport diver from the craft does not raise the alarm.
The last thing seen and photographed by yet another pair of shellfish poachers: "Those scoobydoo gag-mouthpieces so we'd have to surface them to question them. They always say they're just in for a dip. All I know is: it's that bunch again and yet again no permit." The Sea Patrol issue ultrasound gun in action.
Offshore arrest: "You unauthorized #@%$ surface and get in our patrol boat NOW!".
Underwater incident in #3 dock :: report #456.8: "I don't want your scoobydoo `hallo' signals, I want you OUT of the water in our area. And yet again you're in the way of shipping here."
A university's research submarine has engine trouble and has to stop in a sheltered bay for repairs, and is harassed by underwater wreck-pickers and sightseers, but a Sea Patrol frogman on a Russian-made Protei 5 diver-rider goes into action against them.
A patrol diver with an electromagnetic-powered nailgun about to dispose of an unidentified frogman that sensors detected in a harbor.
10 Jan 2003: Naval divers make a quick hard arrest of some sport divers who were skylarking about in an armed forces exercise area. The Siebe Gorman Salvus industrial / short-dive rebreather proves much more light and agile than sport gear in action.
21 Mar 2004:: Afterwards the scoobydoo claimed to know nothing about the sunken powerboat.
13 Mar 2003: Another underwater arrest. Behind the patrolman come reinforcements and a good reason why unauthorized sport divers in brightly colored kit should not hang around around there. (Note: in the UNIX computer language, anything sent to /dev/null disappears without trace.)
21 Mar 2004: The two Salvus divers go back to their ordinary work.
17 Jan 2006: Routine arrest. Some sport divers did not think that we would venture out to Tenerife. but we can get everywhere..

Operations by submersible craft
Type DSS D7.1 suction dredger sub: the Sea Patrol (sub and frogmen) catch wreck-looters in the act.
Incident on the reef: "I reckon that's the last of them."
In a harbor: Underwater intruders in a harbor are summarily disposed of.
"This #@%$ thing's had at least 20 of me mates": two shellfish poachers got hold of our type of kit including backpack motor and propeller backpacks and tried to retaliate. The dredger-sub detected them in time and knocked them out with an underwater ultrasound gun. Don't try it on.
Back to base after a cleanup: "This handy device with its onboard destructor cleans up ALL the rubbish that gets in the sea round here."
Inside a Sea Patrol submarine. Two of its crew with heli-backpacks with orders to board and arrest a diving liveaboard. The frogman will go after any unauthorizeds found underwater.
The skipper says sling it down the hatch and let the pump do the job.. The sub's dredger clip-on's powerful centrifugal pump routinely grinds up tough woven nylon and a stab-jacket's hard backplate..
Combined operation at sea. Both subs can run any way up. The end of a group of inland city types 's inflatable-borne weekend plans.
On patrol. The dredger-sub's side-scan sonar can see in detail much further than divers' eyesight underwater visibility limit.
15 Feb 2003: The patrol does its job. Sweeping a reef gully off the south Devon coast. Some suspicious unidentified divers are quickly disposed of.
13 Apr 2003: A tap on the shoulder. "Oi, I just sucked something off your back. When you get back to base, lets have a 16-page report why football and two girls and the local takeaway food shops are more important than staying silent and alert when on patrol.".
13 Apr 2003: Their last night dive. Dark and bad visibility don't stop the dredger-sub's sonar.
13 Apr 2003: We aren't the only body who take action against shellfish poachers. Through a gap in a reef ridge at high spring tide into that gully among rocks where they thought they were safe - holidaymakers on shore won't see anything - got 'em!
13 Apr 2003: Every so often one a suspect tries this trick, but it never succeeds.
4 Nov 2003: And still on duty. CN34 routinely disposes of yet another caught nosing round a boat wreck after valuables. No point using a knife against one of those.
8 Jan 2004: Expedition inland.. Another supposedly safe `frog pond' is about to get cleaned out.
19 Feb 2004: And that isn't sport kit either. 3 general-purpose rough types up to no good on a subskimmer find that their free run is over when our sub finds them.
19 Feb 2004: We found good use for the subskimmer. More sport divers arrested. RIB's have their uses, paricularly when we can take them underwater with us.
21 Feb 2004: Willing to give one of our men a lift, but here comes a chase, his magnetic clamp better be good and tight.
21 Mar 2004: Later, UKIFA's dredgersub found another subskimmer with the same gang's insignia and summarily disposed of them.
21 Mar 2004: By then we had more captured subskimmers than we had secure storage for, so UKIFA CN34 routinely destroyed it.
24 Dec 2004: Another scoobydoo is caught.
31 Mar 2010: Type A19 grab-dredger-sub.
7 Jan 2007: They set off in an inflatable boat but they did not come back in it.
30 Dec 2010: Nor did a shellfish poacher in a gully among rocks.

20 Feb 2003: A seize and arrest raid on a sport diving club which was trying to stay in operation undercover after the new diving control law came in.
13 Mar 2003: An incident shows a café shows its owner's likely sympathies; and another view; see here.
1 June 2003: "Gotcha. Lets see what's in that case about why your idle paperwork-only office needs so many industrial breathing sets and what that workshop hidden in its basement's been converting them for. You've had time to learn the new diving control laws."
11 Oct 2003: In an inner city area a Sea Patrol man guards Joe's Scuba Center until the cleanup squad come. The label on his riotshield make their purpose quite clear.
15 Aug 2003: The contents and records of Joe's Scuba Center are routinely seized and disposed of.
16 May 2004: Encounter in an industrial area: meanwhile, you are going there to buy diving gear, and you have not read the newspapers ...
16 May 2004: ... and you find that he is what he claimed to be.
4 Nov 2003: Roadless mountains inland don't stop them. Yet another bunch's fuel and raw materials wasting current pleasure dive in a remote cold mountain lake will be their last.
18 Aug 2004: Flying squad, literally. He and his men are not a welcome sight for scoobies meeting in a remote country cottage: unusual congenital deformity or not.
12 Feb 2006: Up on the cold moor. Another bunch don't get away when the squad arrive. The "flying squad" block the back cart track that the suspects had arived along.

Operations by and against organized gangs
24 Dec 2004: A scientist who had worked for us went boating at a wrong time and place.
24 Dec 2004: Interrogation starts. Luckily for the Sea Patrol, the gang got a wrong man.
24 Dec 2004: Someone else who did not know that we can fly.
28 Aug 2005: What happens when the gang finds sport divers on site: underwater ultrasound gun.
3 Feb 2006: Some indeterminate bunch furtively smuggling a crate out to a boat. One of the things that we were set up to prevent.
3 Feb 2006: Underwater fight with a bunch that claimed to be biologists but on arrest proved not to be.
3 Feb 2006: Ditto. We found these two images in one of their cameras.


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